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MFNY | Blueberry Muffin | Live Resin 510 Cart (.5g)

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Awarded 1st Place in Live Resin (BHO) Vape in “The Classics” New York competition in November 2023 hosted by Hitman and Best Vape by NikkaT Choice Awards. The MFNY live resin vape cart has a terpene-rich profile of our single-source, in-house produced Gelato 41 real live resin. We start with fresh-frozen flower buds, then use a hydrocarbon extraction method (plus years of experience and scientific precision) to deliver the purest plant extract. An extract that showcases the strain’s naturally produced full-spectrum cannabinoids and remarkable natural terpenes. Gelato #41 is known for its earthy aroma with hints of lavender and pine, plus sweet sherbet flavor. Potent in THC, it has relaxing and focusing effects. No distillates, added flavors, or alterations.

.5g | Cartridge | Live Resin | Indica

Cannabis vaporizers, utilizing cannabis concentrate, offer discreet consumption and potent effects. Live Resin, extracted from freshly harvested cannabis frozen at subzero temperatures, is full of rich trichomes and terpenes. This cartridge is compatible with a 510 battery.



About the Brand


Marijuana Farms New York is New York’s very own premier adult-use cannabis brand
and state licensed operation located in Hudson Valley, New York: we are full-cycle and
single-source which means we are in full control of the quality every step of the way:
from seed to your local shelf.
New Yorkers are people from all generations, origins, and walks of life sharing space
and creative energy–from the stimulation of the city to the lushness of the land. And
cannabis has the amazing ability to elevate everything New Yorkers do; encouraging
connection, building community, and heightening creativity.
What’s our big MF-ing difference? All our non-flower products include live resin or
rosin that offer the full expression of the plant’s terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoids
(you’ll never see us using distillates). It’s just one of the ways we honor the plant and its
power–all so we can deliver the very best to New Yorkers. 
We stay True-to-Plant: With all our products, we respect and stay true to the
authenticity of the plant, the terpenes, and the legacy of the farmers and breeders who
created each strain.
We believe in “Fire In, Fire Out”: The golden rule of cannabis extraction which means
that the quality of the final product is determined by the quality of the starting material. 
We will always be Single-Source: All our products are sourced, grown, and produced
in-house at our farm in New York’s Hudson Valley. This is cannabis by New Yorkers, for
New Yorkers.
We aim to elevate every product: We spend the time and energy to extract pure and
potent concentrate (rosin and resin) that showcases the plant's naturally-produced
flavor profile and tastes. We also infuse these concentrates into our edibles and offer
them in vaping forms.
MFNY products are available exclusively at legal dispensaries in NY State. When you
buy our products at legal dispensaries, you’re helping to support the work it takes to
provide safe, effective cannabis products to more New Yorkers. More important,
the communities disproportionately affected by the War on Ds also benefit.
Ever UpwardTM


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