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Veterans Choice Creations

Veterans Choice | Fuzzy Slippers | 2100mg Tincture

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Unleash the magic of serene slumbers with Veterans Choice Creations’ Fuzzy Slippers Tincture. Veterans Holdings, a proud Disabled Veteran Owned business in Broadalbin, NY, excels in crafting potent and tailored cannabinoid compounds. Our Fuzzy Slippers isn’t just a name, it’s an invitation – a call to surrender to the soft embrace of peaceful dreams and rejuvenating rest. This 1-ounce tincture has been expertly designed for sleep support, combining 1000mg of CBN, 500mg D9, 300mg CBG, and 300mg CBD. With a total of 2100mg of potent cannabinoids, we’re offering a tranquil journey to dreamland. We’ve hand-selected MCT Oil as our carrier, a superior product derived from coconuts, known for its myriad health benefits. Coupled with our cryo-ethanol extracted cannabinoids, it ensures optimal absorption and effectiveness. Serving is as simple as a half-dropper. With each full dropper amounting to 1ml, and 30ml in the bottle, you have a month-long supply of serene, undisturbed sleep. Remember, each half-dropper is your passport to tranquility and restful slumbers. Ingredients: MCT Oil from coconuts, Cryo-ethanol extracted cannabinoids (1000mg CBN, 500mg D9, 300mg CBG, 300mg CBD). So, wave goodbye to those restless nights. Embrace the comfort of Fuzzy Slippers and welcome a new era of restful nights and energized mornings. After all, good sleep is a luxury you deserve.



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