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Veterans Choice | High Octane Tincture

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Put the pedal to the metal with Veterans Choice Creations’ High Octane Tincture. Proudly formulated by Veterans Holdings, a 100% Disabled Veteran Owned business, High Octane stands as a testament to the resilience and fortitude of those needing a powerful companion on their journey. Every 1-ounce bottle is meticulously handcrafted in Broadalbin, NY, and holds a robust combination of 1450mg of our finest cannabinoids. With 1000mg of THC leading the charge, alongside 300mg of CBD, 100mg of CBG, and 50mg of CBN, High Octane is the tincture for those days when you need a little extra horsepower. Why this mix? Our rich THC provides a potent core experience, while CBD and CBG play a vital supporting role, refreshing receptors and moderating THC’s intensity. A splash of CBN rounds out the blend, enhancing the synergy between these powerful cannabinoids. Transported in high-quality MCT oil from coconuts, these cryo-ethanol extracted cannabinoids are delivered efficiently for maximum potency and effectiveness. Dosage is straightforward with our half-dropper serving size. Each 1ml dropper delivers an intense experience, with a 30ml bottle holding a month-long supply of your High Octane companion. Ingredients: MCT Oil from coconuts, Cryo-ethanol extracted cannabinoids (1000mg THC, 300mg CBD, 100mg CBG, 50mg CBN). High Octane is an all-powerful ally, ready to accompany you on life’s toughest days. While it might serve as a recreational ride for some, its potency should be respected. Tread thoughtfully and responsibly with High Octane – this is your key to navigating those rigorous bends, keeping you in the driver’s seat, no matter what life throws your way. Life’s a journey, so why not travel it at full throttle?



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